Preschool Enrollment Steps

  1. Complete Registration Form (Google or PDF).  Forms will be processed during office hours. we will email a Quickbooks Invoice for the Registration Fee.
  2. Pay Registration Fee. You can pay via the invoice or by bringing cash or check to the preschool office. After we process the receipt of the fee, you will receive an email with instructions to complete the enrollment process.
  3. Enrollment Forms There will be enrollment forms required by FSP and ODJFS. The forms are outlined below. Additional forms may be needed in cases of allergies and medical conditions. We are currently working to digitize all of the forms. Families will be notified by email when the digitized forms are available in early August.

Registration Form 

The Registration Form is what you fill out to let us know which class you are interested in.

Permissions Form

The Permissions Form is how we receive permission from you, the parent/guardian, for your child to use the equipment at the preschool, visit Cottonwood Park and have their picture taken.

Pick Up Release Form

The Pick Up Release Form is what we use at the end of the class period to ensure your child goes home with an approved person. All people picking up a child from school MUST be at least 18 years of age or older and have the assigned pick up number in the window.

Enrollment Form JFS-01234

This form is required to be on file before your child’s first day of school. It provides important information about emergency contacts and allergies or health concerns. If your child has allergies or health concerns, we will have additional paperwork for you to fill out.

Child Medical Form JFS-01305

The Child Medical Statement Form needs to be filled out by your child’s doctor’s office. We are required to have it within 30 days from your child’s first day.

Family Information Form JFS-01511

The Family Information Form is a great way for us to get to know a bit more about your child and their family!

Other Information

2021-2022 Academic Calendar PDF

2021-2022 Parent Student Handbook