Exceptional Academics

We believe that children need a loving, safe and Christian environment to help them grow, learn and gain confidence. We believe that children “learn by doing.” Giving children opportunities to explore and experiment helps them become independent and capable initiators of their own learning. We feel that all aspects of a child’s development are equally important. We believe that children develop their Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Physical and Cognitive skills at different rates. Children should be actively involved in their own learning and we believe that the process of learning is more important than the end product. The values and goals that we use to uphold our philosophy are as follows:

  • Maintain a safe, supportive and Christian environment
  • Facilitate learning through spiritual growth
  • Respect children’s uniqueness and recognize and celebrate their individuality
  • Create a trusting and predictable environment
  • Develop an environment that says “yes” to exploring and experimenting
  • Emphasize “process” rather than “product”
  • Use positive & encouraging language
  • Provide a “child-centered” program that evolves from the interests of children as well as successfully planned and implemented curriculum
  • Plan curriculum that is continuously developed and revised to provide for a variety of Developmentally Appropriate experiences for children